Can someone help build my map please

I need help building a map I got some so far does anyone want to help.

What kind of map, elaborate. please. Also welcome to the community

A map where you build in the sky want to help.

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I see you mean something like where we join your map, no. Codes aren’t allowed. Welcome.

This part isn’t allowed. Sorry.

Welcome to the forums, @Jrisfunny ! Sorry, codes aren’t allowed on here.

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We could give you ideas.

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ok i’m sorry I don’t know how to do all this.

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What do you need help with?

So I don’t know how to make the ending of the game cause it’s my first one, and i’m making somewhat don’t look down

we personaly can’t j0in your map. C0des are not allowed on here. But if you want people to j0in it and help you can go to the [wix] ( But we can give tips, instructions and ideas.

What is the theme of your map?
If it’s the ending, I’d suggest make props floating around, just like the ending in DLD.

Thanks I made the end I finished Now I just need people to play it thanks for your help.

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What should I name my map.

Just make sure it doesn’t include the phrase “Don’t Look Down”; and the thumbnail isn’t stolen from a random google image search.

(Sarcasm, haha)

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prop hop?

That’s a good Idea thanks.