Can someone help (and/or) associate me to fix my solo or fellow game?

can someone help (and/or) associate me to fix my solo or fellow game? (I will explain only if your willing to help)

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you need details for people to want to help

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Sure, I’ll help? IDK what you need.

Its hard to explain, I just wanted to show it to whoever was willing.

You cannot do codes in the forums.
However you can do it in the Wix

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Can you go to the wix?

Ty, but already know. lol

if you’re only making a post for people to go to the WIX then there is no point for this

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Oh, no. I can’t right now. :cry:

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Well i was going to explain, what i have in mind is complicated.

Complicated is my fun here. Explain away.

Let me elaborate: i need help with my starting and the overall features in the game.

By starting features, what do you mean?


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How to make it so if you wanna team a certain amount of people have to press the button, if solo it just starts the game and if you want me to explain the feature problem just ask.

Lol most of us are at school lol.

And how to stop the counter if certain amount of people reached

If there’s specific features you need help with, either reflect that in the title or the original post. If you don’t, people that want to help will have to go on a whole manhunt through the posts to understand what you need help with :frowning:


Well get a live player counter and make it update a property, get a trigger that triggers on game start and make the block code see if the property equals 1 if so make it broadcast on a channel to start the game. And make it so if the property is more than 1 it activates a button (That is connected to a counter) Make the counter update a property and either make another trigger with block code, or use the same one. Make it check if the player property equals the button property and make it start the game. Oh and when it equal the property make it deactivate the button.