Can someone give me a hard obby?

The obbys are to easy
i want a hard one

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Off-topic, mark a solution before i flag you.
Im getting to it…

well this is not really the place for suggesting and asking, this belongs in the wix or other alt-wix gimkit chats. I would recommend either marking solution or making it so its a question lile how can i make it hard…i can help with that.

Welcome to the forums @silly_Hampter , This is off topic and will most likely be flagged.

If you have a question on how to make hard obbies, we can give you a few guides.

But we cannot give you games or post codes that have hard obbies in them.

Btw if you say that you will probably be flagged, one of my friends did that and got flagged…just a warning…ik why you did it but they still got flagged.

please don’t do that…flagging should not be a poll, either flag or move on or help them do better by making it on topic, or telling them its off topic and helping them know how so they don’t do it again.

Don’t flag @silly_Hampter yet because they’re new to the forums and most likely don’t know the rules.

@silly_Hampter if you read the TOS and FAQ, it says you have to post about only building-related things about GKC, and not a chat place.

? they joined over a month ago…i wouldn’t call that new…but rn we should stop replying until they reply…any more replies till sillyhampter comes back is spam as it’s unnecessary and won’t help and should be flagged as so.

Since I don’t you to get flagged, just search up “Blackhole927” and click “You’ll hate me for this”; that is the hardest platformer, so mark this as a solution to close the topic before your topic gets flagged.

Oh, I thought they were new because it was the first post

That would be nice, thank you

ok, thanks mate
ill do better next time

Mark a solution so this can close!

i barely go on here, this is my second post

oh i didnt see it said first post my bad sorry.


You can mark a solution by clicking the box under someones comment by the heart button and stuff

Welcome to the Forums!
(This is my friend)