Can somebody make me a thumbnail?

The title is “The Secret Garden (The Game)” and I want a gim going through a concrete-walled garden with light coming out of it.


Can you send some screenshots/

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ok ill try @Dustie-Bunns

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This is the garden you want to get in to, it is the whole Misselthwaite Manor from the book, The Secret Garden.

And a secret garden, and thank you @gim_guy

Wait, so you want a gim walking through a secret passage from a concrete wall and through the passage is a garden?

ok soo what i was thinking was maybe i put a angry famer and a fox and the farmer is angry at the fox

@Dustie-Bunns is this what you want?

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I want it where you can’t see inside the garden, but yes

Oh alright. Can I add a little peek of the garden?

Do you want a cover page, or an area designed? I can help with that.

Please don’t, (It’s a mystery game)

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Welcome to the forums @Dustie-Bunns! Would be absolutely happy to help!

Thanks @Artemis ! I appreciate it!

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No problem! Are you looking for a cover-page for the game, or a room? Just wanting to know how I can help!

Um, if I am correct you are talking about the picture you see on the discovery page, it’d be the game.

Yes. Any specifics if you want me to make one?

How is this? I used ai and will add gims if you like it.


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Here is mine…