Can Somebody Make A Walkthrough Explanation To How to make a Speed Overlay with a delay

I have absolutely no idea how to make a speed overlay with a delay since Im a beginner

you can have a trigger that has a Delly in it setteting and then send a chaneelll

also put this in help and then devicec

can you put some screenshots of your ideas?

and what does that mean

it’s the category for the post, this is Help not Devices . But i fixed it for you. :)

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oh sorry but can you please help me

sure what part do you need with?

You will need a speed modifier and a trigger to add the delay and you will need you triggering function(zone, button, etc) to but wired to the trigger and set the settings for the trigger to the time you wish in settings for the delay. Then wire the trigger to the speed modifier. And you’re done. Let me know if you need pictures.

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can you make a screenshot of your explanation?

yes I am so confused please put pictures

What do you mean by delay, @PLSHELPMEH ?

I can tomorrow, but @BMW23 delay means as in time action happens so we use triggers to set a delay. We can postpone a action from happening from when the triggering device starts transmitting.

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okay thank you really appreciate your help

(btw, I mixed the speed modifiers up, sorry, set the first one to 1.00, and the second one to 2.00)

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what does that mean the forums aren’t empty yet

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You can use a trigger with a set delay.