Can some one help me create a school

plz I need help making a school union middle school

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You can use gymfloor as the walls, boardwalk as the floor, the wooden chairs as the student chairs, the grey tabels and desk, the chalk board and its legs as the white board and space cubys as the students cubys.

thx but can you help me? I’m in school right now the one I’m studying right now

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i personaly can not j0in your game, but people on the wix would be happy to and would love to help. Just tell them what I said and that I told you to ask for help.
Here is a link to the wix,

You can’t post on the forum, only the wix, please post it there.

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welcome to the community @srt235 as wolftechnology said, you can’t post on here. you can on the wix though.

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I have a friend with a school map, i beleived he made mini levels which were based on classrooms, with the teachers as sentries

Remember to mark a solution @srt235!

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Is this the real school you go to?

Please try to keep personal or IRL things to yourself, you never know what could happen in todays world.


on that note how do you d m someone in this forum?

you can’t jeffo has that turned off.

oh ok cuz it said you could on that one page that explains the Trust levels.