Can some help me build this school

i go to this school i thick nobody has done this so i want to be the first to.

I can help with anything you need:D

ok ill give you the code

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DELETE that before you get flagged!
quick you are about to be flagged in mass…c0des are not allowed.

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You can’t add codes to the forums.

whats wrong i need help building

my bad i didnt know ok ill delete that mesge

okay thats good no mass wave of THATS OFF TOPIC…no codes…like what usually happens…its good we all make mistakes…we just need to learn from them.

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so then how do i do it then

maybe these can help you? im not sure what you need, can you please elaborate on what you need help with?

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Not trying to be rude but you can’t just ask for help to get a build done, and also you could get flagged

here ping me whenever you can collab and i will give you a link to a doc where you can give me c0de.

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OK im start right now but i might not be building i will be afk

umm does that mean i should give ya link to doc now? idk because you said something about building but did not ping me.

yes you can but ill be afk for most of the time and tell your friends

hello where is the link

umm hold on sorry i was doing a statewide essay for english.
if i left the tab would be in HUGE trouble from state, county, and school, and home.

my bad im sorry but ill have to wait untill im in my next block

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how long is that?

right now but my math might wont let me so pray to god