Can sombody teach me how channels work

I try to watch videos but they didn’t help

Short version or long version?

If you know how wires work, they’re like that but take up less memory and is flexible across devices/props

I don’t know what that means

Certain channels do certain things. ( depends on what you need help understanding )

Channels are a wireless version of wires. They can be useful if you need a lot of wires because it will look much cleaner on your screen.

For example, a channel that transmits will send a signal when a certain action happens. If that same channel is in a receiving one, it will do an action after the signal is sent.

like what

ok so there like modified wires thanks

They will need to be kept track of, however

ok i’m started to get it now thanks guys or gals

Channels take up less memory. It’s like grouped wires. A single channel can have multiple starts and multiple ends.


If you want a player to spectate when they die you can use wires to say: When player knocked out, transmit on: (channel name) then you could have a lifecycle device that says: switch player team to spectators when receiving on (channel name)

This is modvent. When a player enters this zone, it transmits on modvent.
Screenshot 2024-03-08 1.09.16 PM
Now, this counter decrements (counts down by 1) when it receives on modvent.
Screenshot 2024-03-08 1.10.54 PM
Meaning, when the player enters the zone, the counter will go down by one.

I understand, what I meant was that channels would need to be kept track of across devices/props to know which channel corresponds to which action

I think you are talking about blocks maybe?

Channels and blocks are separate things. Kinda…

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thank you for this it was useful

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you’re welcome!!!