Can I use the Maze Runner movie as my thumbnail?

I’ve finished my maze runner map, and I want to use a copyrighted thumbnail. Would I be able to do that if I give the author credit?


you would get flagged for doing so

gimkit doesn’t allow copyrighted thumbnail as it would take them down

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no copy right definitly

Nada. Only if you actually go to the people with the copyright, specifically ask for permission to use their copyrighted thumbnail, and actually got permission. But be honest. That’s harder than just making an original thumbnail.

you would need gimkit permission too to approve that because there auto moderation I think and people will flag your map for copyright thumbnail

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There are no “auto moderation”. All reports must go through the staff.


alright thanks for the correction

ding ding ding you win a prize

Also, good idea asking first instead of just being like “yup I’m gonna slide that in there”

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