Can I put a email in a gimkit creative map?

I know the answer is prob no, but I can make an account that is not my personal account (for example I can make one that is called: gimkitcreativemaker123atgmaildotcom). I can use it for people who have idea’s or problems in my code. I looked at the community rules and I found the following:
" * Don’t guide or lead players from your game to anywhere else on the internet."

I don’t know if this counts so I’m asking the help section before I do it.
Again, I know the answer is prob no, but if I can do this it would sound cool.


I don’t think so.


I would agree with that.

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if it’s fake, then sure

if you’re talking real email addresses, then i hope you have prepared for doomsday


I probably doubt you can reply stuff using a fakemail.

yeah, but it might still be taken down because it would prob still lead you to that mail site

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i don’t think so. if it’s a real email, prepare for doomsday buddy.
reason 1: if it’s like at gmail dot com i dont think thats allowed cuz it direct to gmail
reason 2: it’s sharing personal stuff
reason 3: there are too many reasons
i have seen a gimkit discovery map that says “randomemailatblahblahdotcom” or smt and it for bugs but still. no i do not recommend it

Ok so on this topic of outside links in GKC would a google form be not allowed(i dont want to make another topic)

I would also be using it for feedback and bug reporting on my map

That would not be allowed.

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Ok. Would it be allowed if it was a gimkit affiliated site like this forum, the nolt, or another creative game?

Probably not.


Ok, Thanks for the help

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