Can I make an in-game map?

I kinda hope so because I am making a wild west map.

barrier art?, or prop art. Use a button to show all the props when clicked, and then hide it after like 5 sec

Im planning to make a map appear in the corner of the screen. I think I will do prop art.

You could put a game overlay that when clicked teleports you to a different area that is a map but if it has any battles in it people could just click it and get away.

Im making one of those maps kinda like fortnite, my game is a wild west game though.


This would be very hard to do and not work in the way you probably desire it to. Currently to make a minimap you would have to use a game overlay with multiple lines to create a permanent floating map however there are four main hurdles for this to work

  1. Game overlays only line wrap if they are in one of the bottom corners
  2. The character at which it line wraps is determined by the viewport width (screen width) and is variable
  3. You would have to use a coordinate system with a fitting larger display and then excerpt a section of that
  4. Some emoji’s including the squares necessary are not one character by normal counting

Here, have you played the star wars gimkit discovery map? There is a button there that shows you a map

Here, ill make one to show you

I do believe this is possible, however It would be Very hard. you would need to use multiple game overlays, and make a full coordinate system and it would still look pretty clunky. Maybe you could use a game overlay button which would open up a popup with a “Map” using colored block emojis.

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wait, do they want it to be as a overlay type thing, or just a area where you can see the map…

this is near impossible to do…

Like the corner maps, not the dropping. :grin:

oh no…

ngl, you could make it with text, but you cant click enter,sooo…
you could make a overlay that open a popup, and then you could go through all the different places?

Maybe you can put colored squares in a game overlay, not make the overlay teleport you.

but you cant like, click enter.
Wait, there is a hlp guide on this

Ok, i found it :How do you skip lines in block text
BAM, this is the problem

Just a suggestion

I found this in a map:

When you click on the button it shows a large map with locations on it, but you could switch the button out with an overlay.

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Funny thing: That map is just props that activate with a button, the props are stationary.