Can I make a spawner used only for respawning?

Making a Gimkit where if team 1 gets knocked, they have to respawn in a room where they wait for 30 seconds before respawning.

A system of checkpoint activation. When the game starts, transmit to activate a checkpoint. Set a 30 second timer activated when you get in there that is player scoped. Then teleport back to the base.


I ran into this problem too, so maybe, u can use a lifecycle, and a trigger, and a respawn, and go to the lifecycle, click “player knocked out” for what it listens for, and then wire the trigger to the lifecycle, and put a 2 second delay on the trigger, and then wire the trigger to the respawn, so that when it’s triggered, they respawn in a certain place, or u can use a tp, in the same way, for the clock, i have no idea how to do that

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Still working on both of your ideas. I hope to give an update soon!

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Tried them both, I think I’ll remove the concept. My game will be almost identical whether I include this idea or not. Thanks for the help! :heart:

you’re welcome, don’t forget to mark solution!

yes you can because you can use a respawn point, and then trap them in a room with a thirty second timer made with counters and repeaters and then when the timer is up you can have a teleporter appear, or a button to teleport!

Oooh, i like that! I might have to try that in the future

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