Can I make a marker apear at the location of a death

I plan on making a Murder Mystery map, but I ran into a problem trying to set a marker at the location of a body. Is this possible.


Welcome to the community, I would suggest looking at the beginner must-read guides, as for your question, you can track players, and you might be able to track deaths, with a coordinate system, tho they are complex

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you can have a player drop an item that acts as a marker. you can use an inventory item manager so it cant be picked up

Welcome to the community! You could do that, but it would include NOT respawning the player, but setting their speed to 0, and it would work with only tagging. So you would set the speed to 0 when the player was tagged, or activate a movement meter when the player is tagged. I forgot the post important part! Make the waypoint track the player when they’re tagged.

This seems like a cool idea. post on how it goes.

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For a weapon knockout system, you can just have the knockout manager grant an item at the position of knocked out player. For a tagging system, you can use this guide.

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Welcome to the forum! You can use a knockout manager to make players drop an item when they die. Like Dayy said, use an inventory item manager to prevent them from getting picked up unless you want to make something similar to a reporting system.

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