Can I include links to other websites in my posts?

Apparently he was able to mark my comment as a solution on a post that wasnt his.

Yeah, mods can do that.

Mods and admins can do that, admins can also change the owner of the topic to a different person.

As long as the website is not to bypass not being able to post a code, I think you’re good!

Yeah, and as long as it has something related to gimkit.

isn’t that the whole point of the wixsite?


yep but thats allowed, it has to do with gimkit, and it does not cause any issues on the forum. So we good.

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Wixsite is the exception.

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@NightEnd, if your question has been answered, be sure to mark a solution to close this topic and avoid creating off-topic clutter!


Yeah, i just said that:

woah, my website is the exception to a rule
i feel so important


You are important, we would not be able to help other, or host events with out the wixsite.

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[deleted by author cuz off-topic]

Logic and math is kind of our concept tag. And since tags are mainly for people to search up, a block warning tag wouldn’t be that useful in my opinion


okay, but i still think a #blocks tag would be quite commonly used

def allowed:

Discourse Meta
Discord (official)
Understanding Trust Levels
Support links
Contributing links

I wouldn’t use it since again, I don’t think people would specifically search up for it. You can bring this discussion to one of the tag debate posts.

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Which is why we don’t need it. Everything made after (and including) How to take turns by me would need that tag. That’s like 60-100 guides that now we have to find and tag.

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yeah, painful and a waste of time.

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