Can I have some help on my thumbnail?

I am making a Super Smash Gims map, and I would really appreciate a thumbnail. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Any battlefield
any gims
my name
artist name

May I attempt on making it?

of course! anybody can (and will) be better then the one I made :wink:

Yooo, I’m making one too i need help on a thumbnail too! XD

nice! hows it coming along?

pretty great want some advice?

@notadam17 Does the battlefield need to be like medival or real…ish…

Don’t copy other people’s work, and make sure to make the land a little diffrent.

sure! I’ve made 26 battlefield so far

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i will try fgbnmkjuytrfghuytf

anything u want!

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i just happen to be out of school and helping out today! :slight_smile:

i’m home schooled so I’ve got a lot of free time

Give me 20-25 minutes and I will have it done.

but back on topic before the ban speedrunners come

same! but still have ta focus! :wink:

ill work on something for you to notadam17 :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile: … . . . … .

does anyone have a basic gimkit skin i need to trace it.

I have orbit if that helps…