Can I grant XP and How

Can you grant xp in your creative mode? If you can, how?

I don’t think you can get xp from creator maps. You have to use the Gimkit made maps.

Only for the questionare, that gives you 30xp, but you can’t change it.

Only using a questioner, there has to be at least one incorrect answer.
Each correct answer gives 30 xp, so you won’t receive any if you use spam kits.

Besides that, Fishtopia, Farmchain (using the water or researching method) and Tag Domination are all good game modes to grind. Besides that, there isn’t any other way.

I personally recommend Farmchain, because basically everything gives you xp.
Water–50 xp
Research 30 xp
Planting I forgot, but it gives 30-50 xp, depending on the crop
Other fun functions— gives 30 xp to a lot more…


you do. i tested it. you get the same amount too

Nah i rather us tag domination because every upgrade and barrier gives you 200xp and you can answer questions for 30 and tag players for 21.

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The best way to get XP is tag – 5,000 XP for all upgrades combined.

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