Can I get some help with a sentry please

Can I make a sentry randomly appear and if nobody is within it’s range, it despawns? Or is it not possible?

… well you could make a zone to detect when they are out of looking range. but idk why you want to do that, thats just more memory to do so

Use two zones.

Zone 1 is wired to the sentry:

Player enters zone → activate sentry

Zone 2 (same spot as zone 1) is wired the the sentry:

Player leaves zone → deactivate sentry

However, when a sentry deactivates, it doesn’t save memory, so there is no point in deactivating it when it’s out of range unless you’re making a boss fight and you don’t want to “disrupt the experience” by having it fire at you from afar, which isn’t even a problem since they have a range.

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@Coolcaden26 That worked thank you. Is there a way to make him invisible until they walk into the zone?

The setup that coolcaden made makes the sentry reappear when you walk into the zone already, but you can also make it deactivated at start.

In the sentry’s settings, you can toggle whether it is active on game start. Set that to “No”.

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