Can i get out of student mode in GimKit?

Please help my account is NtnlTms and I clicked on student instead of teacher all my gims and trails are in there so I can’t make a new account


go to account setting you can just switch

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i tried i wont let me

did you make the account or was it by a school locked account?

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school locked I think

then why do you need to be an educator?

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i did make the account

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Well its locked me too when it used to be fine… I cant switch anymore so it may be an update. Maybe too many kids were turning their accounts?


Im leaveing school in 3 days i guess

i dont want my account to be deleted

you dont need to have an educator account, student account has mainly everything you need

You can transfer your school Google email to a phone, that’s what I did

I use it to make classes for my friends

even if you change it to educator, since its your school email, it will get locked, so try to change the email of the account

but what if my account gets deleted after I leave school

its not my school email its mine so its ok?

Make a educator account for whatever you need and then keep ur student acct for ur skins/school/etc.


if its not your school email, then your good

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thanks so much :slight_smile: you are the best


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