Can I deactivate a sentry without making it disappear ( I just want it to temporarily not be able to shoot)

Is there any way i can do this

Place a barrier on it.
It’ll stop the sentry from shooting or make it invisible like NavyCatZ said.


If you don’t want players to see the barrier, set it to be not visible in-game.


Something I tried, is this:
Tools needed: Sentry, wire, repeater
1.) Edit repeater, ( I would just do the task interval, stop strategy, and time to run. )
2.) Edit them for the time you wish to have it as.
3.) Connect a wire from the repeater to the sentry.
4.) Click: Repeater runs task, deactivate sentry.
Hopefully, this helped!

That just deactivates it and doesn’t work. The solution is is just putting a barrier on it.

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