Can Anyone Help?

Can someone help me understand this? So I have some devices down like Lifecycles and Starting Inventories that normally aren’t seen when the game starts. Whenever I start the game, I can still see them. I also have some spawn pads and stuff, and when I started and then ended the game, they disappeared.

Here are some screenshots I included:

Here is everything before I started the game:

Now, here is everything after I started the game:

Finally, here is the stuff when I ended the game:

This has been going on all day for me and I have refreshed multiple times.

There’s been a few bugs concerning devices not hiding themselves and also a very bad bug concerning item spawners. If you go near an item spawner, then it freezes your screen. It doesn’t seem to be happening to you though… Also, your name is showing in the screenshots.

Ohhhh, you mean my second account. Yeah I got another email and made another account in case the first one wouldn’t work, so thats not my real name. For some reason, my main account isn’t working at the moment.

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Ok. Keep it open until the bug gets fixed.

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