Can anyone help with this

Does anyone know how to make a conversation with popups

what do you mean ‘multiple pop-ups’? you can have more than one pop-up in a game.

What do you mean? like open close one popup then open the other or what. Do you mean to get two buttons and you tap one and it brings you to the other?

Like lets say i want to make a conversation between sentries and the player

if you want to talk back to the guy then you can use the primary and secondary options on the first popup, then they will see two buttons. If you wire it to the other popups then you can say like primary option clicked
-----> open popup and they can keep talking until you want to end you can also use the secondary option. if you want to just have the guy talk then wire a bunch of popups so the one popup closes it opens the other popup and it keeps going till you want to conversation to end.

I can help, I’ve made a lot of popup conversations for my game-in-progress. So you can use a button or a zone or a trigger to activate the popup, and then set it to popup closes-------->open popup to continue the conversation and keep going like that.

:grinning:Thanks @SlimJim58 really appreciate :grin:

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