Can anyone help PLEASE?

Well, the first step is just to place down a button.

what time will you be on your Computer i could rest up and then when u come on I could send link and I’d be refreshed and ready to do this?

In an hour I would say

i can send it right here but not as a link i will send the numbers eperate btw it is

No, you still can’t do that. Edit it out, or get flagged.

Ugh this is gonna be a disaster

Work on something else in the meantime so at least you get more stuff done while you wait

So here is what you need to do.

Check your properties, name them after your ingredients like this:

Then, check your item managers:
Screenshot 2023-08-22 12.46.38 PM


Finished product:

Simplified @Vortex-Mist 's guide

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yeah I’m abt to go for a while I’ll be back at 12 EST on the dot does that work for you? @NavyCatZ

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that’s not the one I’m doing it’s too confusing for me again I’m a Rookie I’m doing crypto’s own

be bk in a while ok? @NavyCatZ

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If not that then ten

i am back now lol@NavyCatZ

I’ll be online for quite a while, so tell me when you’re ready.

meh nvm lol I did smth else instead of crafting and I’m Done now with my WHOLE map :smiley:

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Congratulations! I hope your friend will appreciate it ;]

I hope so too! XD Thanks again for the help @NavyCatZ @shinyrowlet ya’ll believed in me!

Stay tuned @NavyCatZ @shinyrowlet for Wednesday I’ll try to remember to update ya’ll on what they say!

Okay! I’m good at motivating people!

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