Can anyone help me with this system?

Can anyone tell me how to do this system:

When one person clicks a button, they can’t click another button or that same button again until someone else clicks a button. Once one person clicks one button, they just go on with the game, but when another player clicks the other button, both of the players get teleported to a different room for 1 minute.

so are you taking about a button that teleports you?

Oh, so kinda like among us o2 meltdown, let me see if I can find something…

so umm this might be a little long but:

a counter,
2 buttons
3 wire repeaters

now get a button, set the “deactivation scope” to player.

now get a counter, set the target value to 2

connect the button to the counter: button pressed —> inclement counter

now get a wire repeater and use it to make a loop with the button:

button pressed —> send pulse
received pulse —> deactivate button

then get another wire repeater to get a loop with the counter:

target value reached —> send pulse
received pulse —> reset counter

now get another button and also set the “deactivation scope” to player
connect the button with the counter:

button pressed —> increment counter

and then make a loop with a wire repeater and the button

button pressed —> send pulse
received pulse —> deactivate button

now that you have done that connect the counter to the buttons:

target value reached —> deactivate button (1st one)
target value reached —> deactivate button (2nd one)

now cross connect the 2 buttons:

button pressed (1st) —> deactivate button (2nd)
button pressed (2nd) —> deactivate button (1st)

now get the counter and connect it to the teleporter

target value reached —> teleport player here

for most of the things above you can use channels (except for the wire repeater loops)

hope this helped


Place a button. It’s player-scoped. When pressed, broadcast on “Deactivate buttons”. Have every button deactivated on this channel. Then, increment a counter with the target set to 2 with the channel “Deactivate buttons”. When the target is reached, send a wire pulse from the counter into a wire repeater. The wire repeater in question has a delay of 60 seconds. Also, when the target is reached, use a teleporter to teleport the players to the room. Wire the wire repeater from earlier and have it deactivate whatever is keeping the players in that room.


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