Can anyone help me with blocks idk how to do anything with it

i’m very confused :confused:

The main thing that blocks are able to do is allow for more complex functionality - the settings already available in devices are pretty open-ended, but they are limited. With blocks, you’re able to alter activity feeds, detect the value of additional details relating to the game (like the name/team/score of the player who triggered the block, whether the game in question is a live game or assignment, and even how long it’s been since the game has started), perform more advanced mathematical operations (including referencing the value of properties and using those to perform operations), and utilize logical operations (if-else, greater-than/less-than/equal-to, and/or logic gates) to determine which parts of the block(s) should be considered.

If you’re making a game that needs additional functionality (i.e. things that aren’t normally available by exclusively using devices), you can use blocks to make it happen. The best way to learn how to use blocks is probably through trial and error, but one type of block that you’re probably going to end up using fairly often is the property block. Once you’ve set up a property (by using the property device to give it a unique name and starting value), you can use the Get Property block to find the current value of a property and the Set Property block to change that value however you wish. Note that mathematical operations can be performed on numerical properties, so you can use those blocks to change the value of a property based on its already-existing value.

Using blocks to remove everything except the decimal values of the property named ‘iron’

If you have any questions about how to use blocks in more specific circumstances, feel free to ask those as well - in the meantime, though, I’d suggest trying to stay with regular device settings until you really need to use blocks (they’re complicated and take up a lot of memory storage). When you do need to, though, you might want to find a block-compatible device and look through the available blocks to see if any of them could be what you’re looking for. Hope this helps :]

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Here’s an example of simple code:

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