Can anyone help me figure out what this comment means?

yeah sure, i’ll try my best to explain the systems better next time. and yeah, i remember the platforming topic i made, do u have any questions abt it?

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that’s not possible as of now

there is no “use galaxy fish” function ;-;

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That sounds like block coding… Could you show me a picture or explain? (Super sorry!)

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oh that’s a bit unfortunate, but yeah there’s no way to do any of that stuff as of now. but maybe in the future, they could add more capabilities to scripting, so we can make our gameplay more unique and complex (also i think i remember there being a “trigger key” feature when i experimented with scripting a while back, but iirc ur right that there’s no “use galaxy fish” feature)

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@gimcraftor no offense, but please check your facts and the limitations of gimkit creative so far before posting help. those features don’t exist and will confuse new people.


If I’m thinking of making it work like GK8, you could have a game overlay that runs the check instead.

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sure, i can explain it to you. if you go to blocks > triggers (it’s at the bottom), you’ll see a list of various triggers. one of those triggers is the trigger key, which basically just sends a message when the player presses a specific key. so if u wanted to make the function to use the fish when the player presses Z, u could set the trigger key to the trigger input, and then do all the code inside the “when message is sent…” block.

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the trigger key doesn’t exist either!

no, you cant do that! please check your facts!

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oh right I’m really sorry. I think I made a mistake, because those features used to be possible when the trigger system was first released, hence why they’re still on there. So I guess those features got removed at some stage? Or maybe they’re not available yet but will be in the future? Also, yes that was a bit irresponsible of me to say that those features exist when they don’t. I’ll check my facts before replying to other people’s stuff in future.


Super duper sorry, but where is the “blocks” menu? And, @ClicClac , what would change if I did that?

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no they weren’t


I don’t think they were ever there?

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When did that happen? I’m pretty confused with what you’re saying.

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Sorry everyone! I will try to figure out something else that can do that.

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oh don’t be sorry dude, ur all good!

so the “blocks” menu is just the collection of building blocks that u use to make stuff in gimkit, so it can be found by clicking on the menu tab (next to the chat tab), and then clicking on “blocks”.

also the only thing that would change from adding the trigger key thing is that it would send a message whenever a player presses the key, that’s all it’d do I’m pretty sure.

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Was there ever a “chat tab”?

ah okay, so maybe I’m misremembering things then?

I could’ve sworn that there used to be a trigger key feature, but maybe I’m just getting confused with other platforms’ scripting features, idk lmao

(also sorry about adding to the confusion, I’ll see if there’s some other way of doing it too)

no why would there be a “chat tab”?

Do you have memory loss? (That was not meant in a rude way)

You were mistaken. Which is weird, since memory shouldn’t be problem for you.