Can anybody make a generator

I need help making a generator, I usually use 2 space trash (pipes) and a 3D printer, but it doesn’t really fi the theme I’m going for
The reference: All Power 3250 Watt Portable Generator APG3012G, 3250W Gas Powered Generator  for Home Power Backup, Hurricane Damage Restoration, EPA Certified -

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I’ve made one, just got to find it in my map real fast.
It’s based off a horror game I like. Hopefully you like it!
(You don’t have to change the colors if you don’t want to.)

3D printer, with metal poles as the bars

I like it! I will make a few changes (P.S. you should make a guide on that)

Thank you! Guess I’ll make it right now, after all, it won’t take too long.

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