Can any body please help me?

can you guys be able to give a white default gim for my thumbnail

OMG! You mean thumbnail!
I can do that I’ll give it to you on Monday 11AM central time

noooo just the gim im making a thumbnail for myself



btw do you know if I’m aloud to share the showcase link on here?


No, as in (I’m not aloud to? or no as in you don’t know)

your not aloud to

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please guys i really just need a white default skin please

Ok, I’m working on it

I’ll show you how to do it to.

I gave u one earlier

oh but thats just a template
i have already have that but ill see if it works out @HP7divergent46THG12

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Here it is i drew it out so I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

@HP7divergent46THG12 but when i put it on the background it looks like this

yeah ik but I’m not sure if you were able to erase it or something bc some people can (I cant tho)

is this one any better

yea but then i need the white inside the gim for the white gim

oops then I don’t have one sorry

why cant you use this?