Can a regular help me with a guide?

I wanted to create a wiki but I am not a regular so can someone help?

It was going to be a powerup wiki on many powerups for a game

it was going to involve a series of power based things

You should reach regular in six days, so you may want to wait.

I WILL? Thanks! i cant tell when I will so i was just going to ask someone else

how can you tell?

You’re at 44 days you should get it at 50.

its 50 days visited out of 100 days with the account

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you also read to read more topics

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@Caternaught you won’t get regular in six days, you account is not 100 days old yet, so the most you can get is to be malually premoted by jeff. Even though you have been active for 50 dyas, you account has to be at least 100 days on(not actove just sense creation). So if you need me or anyother regular to make you a guide sooner than who knows when, just ping us.

how old is my account in days then wolf? (can I call you wolf?)

No you only need 50 out of the last 100 days.

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i think that’s what he said… (i don’t speak wolf :nerd_face: )

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No wolftech said that you needed to have an account for 100 days but just visit for 50 of them…

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Yes and @Caternaught your account is only 58 days old and 44 are active, so you are short on the days active and acconut date.

I was on a exactly a month before you @Caternaught and I just got regular 4 days ago

thats from manuall premotion, just like i was 45 days active, 71 days old when i got regualr, way before i ver should have but the staff can premote you.

I know if I wasn’t promoted manually I would be promoted on february 10th

ok thanks!

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Wait a minute! i forgot what the whole topic was about!

@WolfTechnology? Can you make me a wiki based on powerups?

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