Camp half-blood ideas

We have arealdy added the cabins, the strawbery fields the forge and the archery and monster fighting. so please give me ideas


OMG you guys are making Camp HalfBlood,
Check the first Trials of apollo book to find a map of CampHalf Blood after all the wars!
Good Luck!

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I just finished the last Trials of Apollo book! Have you done the dining hall and lava wall? I hope you’ll publish it when its done :slight_smile:

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add npcs with names of the characters, like percy

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omg, I am an absoute rick riordian NERD


Make it so that you have a archery range, and stables

Same :smiley: I’ve never thought about making it in Gimkit tho!

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Arhcery range,
Add sentrys, for you to snipe behind a lazer.
So there is a laser, and and then set thr sentrys range to near zero, then you can use slingshot to snipe

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I think they already have one.

What Camp HalfBlood? :confused:

Camp Half-Blood is a fictional place in the book series Percy Jackson.

its a percy jackson reference.

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Wait the one book we reading in my 2nd period is a reference?

Well, Camp Half-Blood is a reference to Percy Jackson. Which book are you reading?

i guess so? its in the 15 book series.

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Percy Jackson:The Lighting Thief

Ah, the first one. You should get at Camp around 5th chapter.

Okie i might be able to borrow it on hoopla

Soon to be 17 w/ the 2 new books!

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are we adding from the olympian series with kronos starting a war? the heroes of olypus?..the trails of apollo??
the camp is different in almost every series and some of the books in the series change the camp differently.