🐻 Californian Art

Hello, guys. I have received inspiration from @wingwave to create a guide about personal art, so I’d thought I’d give it a try. If you have any requests, please do them in the replies.

🏴 California Flag

Flag of California

  1. Place down some green grass. :green_square:

  2. Next, beneath that, use red terrain. [:paintbrush: Terrain Used: Plastic ~ :red_square:]
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 9.13.08 AM

  3. Use a text box, and type in the words, CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC. [Make brown letters :brown_square:…]
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 9.35.14 AM

  4. Now, for the bear, be as creative as possible. I used barriers, but they don’t look good… [Colors: :brown_square: (153R ~ 72G ~ 72B)
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 9.35.59 AM

  5. Now, add a red star in the northeast corner. [If you can, but if that’s unavailable, add a star :star:]
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 9.37.22 AM

  6. Now you’re done! :bear:

🌴Los Angelan Beach
  1. Place down some sand. :beach_umbrella:
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 9.57.40 AM

  2. Add a shovel, some sand piles, and some seashells…
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 10.01.06 AM

  3. Add some water! :ocean:

  4. Now you’re done! :partying_face:

🌭 Los Angelan Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

Hm. What a cultural experience…
(coming soon)

⛰ Hollywood Sign
  1. Add two emojis of huge mountains. [ You can also use barriers :deciduous_tree:]
  2. Now, you can either use barriers (if you want perfection) and/or just a text box to make the words “Hollywood”. [You have creative liberty… :grin:]

Pardon my horrible art, but it’s a start…
Thanks for reading. Once again, you can add some requests in the comments.


This is good!
Can you make the Golden Gate Bridge?
Also, I don’t know if this is just for me but,
That appears

It’s fixed now, apparently.
Is it still like that for you?

Nope, its fixed!


What did I do?

but yeah ok noice