Buttons(and other stuff) not working


my buttons are not working…
I go next to them and nothing shows up

So I go to gimkit game modes and “answer questions” isn’t working

I go to the pond and nothing tells me to go fish

So I try the upgrades and…

you guessed it: nothing

Then in farm chain the farm plots: not working

the vending machines: broken

Even the water well…

I mean the gims are going to die of thirst at this point so this is very urgent…

Is it happening to anyone else??

Also before you say reload I did… and nothing happened

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I bet it’s a part of April Fools. If so, this should be reverted when April Fools is over.


Maybe the Gimkit servers are overloaded, it might be worth trying again later.

I see lots of people are saying new bugs might be april fools which may be the cause but if a bug is ruining the gameplay or making gimkit unplayable its most likely not a april fools.


No, it’s April Fools.

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It happens for everyone.

Ye but a april fools ruining the game doesnt seem likely but there is a round of bugs going around so it may just be that the devs got a little crazy this year but it is unlikely.

So everyone can’t use buttons? cuz I haven’t seen any other topic on it yet…
(did I miss it?)

Lately ive seen people saying there is things not working but it may just be a failure with almost all devices? Tho i dont wanna deny it yet im pretty sure this isnt a april fools.
(Its making most parts of the game unplayable)


I just started playtesting my map, and yes you’re not the only one. It’s happening to me, too. And other stuff.

I’ve just been having soooo many bugs I gave up on making so many topics on them.

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All the games that mainly relied on buttons, vending machines, and the other stuff. R.I.P

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I think it was the April Fools

This was a bug that is now fixed!