Button won't show up in creative

gasp! :hushed: california is not himself.

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Yeah gimkit just sent out that theirs a big bug with interactables

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ok lets do what ur last words said :wink:

Anybody wanna do it with me?

How on earth did this go from broken creative to switching profile pics?

April Fools is this whole thing pretty much, but the Gimkit Team acknowledged these bugs, so its fine.

this does change things

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44 minutes in and it’s still not fixed, though.

Wanna change PFPs, though?

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Already doing it. Have fun being me!

so weird seeing how people are doing this.

Can’t, Haiasi and I already switched

can you put on your old pfp again or paste it here because my computer is being strange.

they work for me nothing in here applies to me except the DLD thing now that is really crazy

My chromebook is being stupid. Just change back. sorry.

I believe this was related to a bug that is now fixed!