Button: Visibility Issue

Is it even possible? If so, I want to know the answer. (Sorry if I’m rude, I’m just frustrated)

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Create a new property called HighestCash that is a number property, and create a new property called Cash that is a number property with a scope to player. Add a IM for cash, and in the blocks, set it so that When No. of Item changes, it sets property "Cash" to amount of item

This should hopefully work. I think you have the button visibility issue resolved right?

I’ll test later, hopefully it works, I combine it with the other blockcode right?

Yeah, the blockcode I showed earlier.

is cash property the same as my moolah per click?

Could I see pictures?

Add this to your setup:


“Cash” settings:

“HighestCash” settings:

Inventory Manager settings:


IM blocks:

Should be about right I think?

Now that I think about it, there might be an issue with updating Clicker of the Day. To fix it, you can change the channel of the Text device’s block and add a “Broadcast” block to the same channel at the bottom of the IM’s blocks.

what about my moolah per click? is that the same as cash?

I don’t think so, Cash is the amount of money you have.

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K, thanks! I’ll test after I’m done 1v1ing @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

How do I fix this mess?

Add spaces after the first text box and before the second one.

On the other hand, you can also use multiple text devices. You can remove Clicker of the Day from the blocks in one and add another text device that says Clicker of the Day.

For the button, use two, one invisble and one that appears later, (aka, place barriers that match the floor over it.

Could I just use “ENTER” somehow?

Enter doesn’t exist in blocks, sadly .-.

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Make the sign biiiiiiiiiig

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That never works. I guess I’ll try @Anonymous’ way. I’ll mark a solution.

WAIT! I need one last thing.
When I separate the blockcode into 2 texts, this happens.

Um–maybe have the top one as a header and the bottom one the player’s name?
I don’t know if that would seriously affect the block code, as I’m not the best with it at all…

seperate it into 3 different ones