Button troubles

So I have this button, and when I press it, it’s supposed to output one signal, which increments a counter, which changes a property, which goes into a decoder, and then gets converted into a letter. However, when I press the button, it lets out about 1 million signals. However, those signals don’t go into my decoder until I place a counter that changes on the channel. However, I have changed the counter channel, but it still goes into the decoder. Help, please?

could you shorten that because I didn’t really understand it.

That’s the only way I could explain it with enough detail. I think that it’s very clear.

So the button connects to a counter that make the number go up when you press it, am I correct?

Yes. Then, the counter updates a property, which causes the counter to reset, but the reset channel doesn’t change the property because I disable it, and then the property gets decoded and turned into a letter.

did you check your wires to make sure they work?

I haven’t used wires.

then try to use wires, their easier to understand