Button Problems

I made it so Team 1 can click a button with Lifecycles and Relays. However, it’s not working since other teams can click the button team 1 can only click.

How do i fix this?

Is the button active on game start?


mabey try to put a second button with the same code on that button but make it only visable to team two.

It didn’t work…

I suggest trying to use a vending machine configured to let only one team purchase. Then, you could change the cost to 0.

Yeah, but i don’t want them seeing a text underneath the word vent, seeing this:

(the press enter & hold to purchase)

I think button scope to team

That won’t work, because it’ll only scope for whatever it’s sending a message to.

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Does the button teleport to a teleporter, or what is it wired to? I have an idea.

The button is wired to the teleporter.

So what you’re going to want to do is wire the button to a wire repeater. In its settings, set it so that only the team you want is shown there. For example, if I wanted only Team 1 to be able to access it, then I would choose Team 1. Then, wire that wire repeater to the teleporter. Sounds good?


Do i need to remove the lifecycle and relay for it?

Yes. If it doesn’t work, let me know.

No, unfortunately, it didn’t work…

What went wrong? Did it work for both teams?

Have you tried this guide yet?


If doesn’t work, make it so its deactivated on start, then relay the specific team you want that activates for them only, make it global change for team or player.

Well, it’s not teleporting to another vent when you enter a vent. You just have to crawl around in the vents just like in real life to a room.

oh! that should be easy to solve. if you don’t want them to see them, you can make a small path to get there, and use barriers on the highest layer set to only crewmates so that crewmates cant see through it!