Button Option Disappearing

When I was editing a button, there was an option for scope and it would suddenly (salad) disappear. It wasn’t even in the “all options” tab either. This was quite annoying but I’m not sure if it’s back when you rejoin (because finding the effected buttons through my maps would be torture).

It just auto flings them it happened to me recently…lucky for me it was flung close by just look for it is all you can do.

try seeing if it effects your buttons in gameplay. In other words, try to trigger bugs and break your game.

ok but currently i’m speedrunning dld

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Do you mean the Regular Button device, or the Game Overlay? Anyway, the Scope option is in “Availability”.

regular button and yes, the scope option sometimes disappears

Just reload. I think it is just a small glitch or something, if it only disappears sometimes

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