Button item granter issues

my map when i press the button that is supposed to give cash won’t putit in my invintory any thoughts why?

What did you put in the Item Granter and what is the wiring?
(Not like there are any other wirings but hey, you never know)

Hey, sorry, but game codes aren’t allowed and can get you flagged. Please delete your message so you aren’t banned. And I can’t respond back right now, since I’m working on something and I only got on here to check something.

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sorry for the
code @That_guy

It should work.
What exactly happens when you press the button?

@jaythesweat Did you make sure that the button can be pressed or that the item granter has the right item?

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Are you sure that the wire is a green wire instead of a red one?

Is it in your inventory? Cash won’t appear in the hotbar, you would have to go to your inventory.


You’re good, you didn’t know.

What’s your wiring like?

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