Button: Clicker Game Upgrade

I know that I shouldn’t have marked a solution for the previous one, but it’s too late. I need help with making upgrades in my game. originally, you get +1 cash per click. but when you get the upgrade (a button click with checker) you get +2 cash and etc… any ideas?

Maybe change a cash property. Like CPC
cash per click.

Change it whatever you want.

maybe it can be like whatever your cash per click is that’s what it’s gonna add to ur cash total.

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Get property, cash.
Set value (get property cash+ cash per click)

You could change the cash per click property every time you get an upgrade. Example you buy a +1 cash per click upgrade, give +1 to your cash per click. Now its 2 per click!

any ideas?
@Txme_Lxss, I need pictures.

Ok. Let me get something up.

You could do something like this:

you know anonymous isn’t the only one on the forums

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Yeah, I know he isn’t, but he helped with the previous one so I thought he might want to continue.

You should use concatenation…


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Try and see that if it works, if so, tell me. If not, then oof.

would this work somehow?

Use concatenation for easier code.


Yeah, but use concatenation for better results.

sorry bout that getrithekd


Yeah. Probably. But That is for if you want upgrades to stack. But I think mine should work.
(test it if it works, cause you could save a lot of block code.)

but I already have the code, I just need to know if this work. Wat is concaconaton (misspelled purposely)

Search it up.

You could try to use concatenation, you could simplify it to this: (and make lots of room for more upgrades)

Broadcast Message On Channel
Create Text With “moneyperclick”
get property [property]

It’s a way to bunch up some code using strings, and it can broadcast on an infinite amount of channels up to the final upgrade. (They should broadcast on an item granter’s “grant item when receiving on” channel)
(Use counter-linked properties to increase the upgrade level)

Explanation on what the code does

When the player buys an upgrade, a counter is incremented.
When the player clicks, the block code is triggered.
It broadcasts a message on channel “moneyperclick” and the value of the property.
In this case, let’s say the property’s value is 7.
It broadcasts on moneyperclick 7 and you earn cash/whateverresourceyouhaveforyourgame


I have another idea if you’re planning on the players being able to gain large amounts of cash.

Wait, isn’t a clicker game just like the Gimkit Tycoon game?