Button Claiming Game

a property for every button option?

Put it all in a zone that doesn’t allow for people to drop stuff, and surround the zone with walls.

Bump. I recently came back to this problem to take another shot at it.

Some further intel.

So each team has their own button. When another team presses it, it becomes under their control, incrementing the counter. From there, the other three teams can once again attempt to claim it by pressing the button. When pressing it, their team’s counter goes up, and the team that it previously belonged to decrements.

EDIT: I just closed the game so the code is now obsolete.

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Wow, looks nice so far!

I think I have a way to do this. Place down your buttons, and place down properties equal to the number of teams in your game. Wire each button to a trigger. Go into each of the triggers blocks, and make them check for the triggering players team number, then make it update a property by 1 for whichever team pressed the button, then make it check if one property is equal to the number of buttons and all of the others equal 0.

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is this still unresolved? i thought my solution was pretty good.

@WhoAmI you need to say if that’s a solution or not

It’s been almost 7 months. It’s probably not going to get marked.


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Ok, so what is the problem here, are u trying to make it so that there are 4 buttons?

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