Button-Based Teleporter

So for the above you will need :
2 buttons and 2 teleporters

First put a teleporter down and change the Target group to a channel name and the teleport here when receiving on’s name. (They must be different)

Then put another teleporter to wherever you want to teleport to and from. Set the Target group and the teleport here when receiving on’s names (the “Target group” must be the same as the first teleporter’s) & (the the " Teleport here when receiving on" must be different)

Next you have to place a button on top of teleporter 1. Then change “when button pressed transmit on” to the same name as Teleporter 2’s “Teleport here when receiving on” .

Then put another button on top of teleporter 2. Then change it’s “When pressed transmit on” channel name to teleporter 1s " teleport when receiving on"

And there you have it, when you push button 1 you should teleport to teleporter 2 and when you push button 2 you should teleport to teleporter 1.
If this helped you, then I would appreciate if you liked it. (Trying to get to 50 likes)


I dont like the guide (hey it worked the first time)

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Please. Just please. It’s just a button teleporting you one place and another button, but back.


The title seems to long.

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Please wat?

Stop making such simple guides.


Someone was asking about it, so I decided to make a guide. Is that so wrong???

It’s too simple to be a guide.

  1. this is really short
  2. fixed the title (@GimSolver )
  3. @getrithekd i know, right?

I mean, someone asked for it, i guess…

Then put it into a reply. (Like the essays Haiasi types to get one solution.)


I don’t think people will read the essay anyway.

(even @haiasi probably wont)


The point of this topic is to help beginners. I don’t even know why you guys are reading it.

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Pls I consider some of these posts offensive.

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But reasonable people wouldn’t consider these offensive. We’re not telling you that you’re bad or something like that. We’re telling you that this guide is too simple to be on the forums.


I don’t consider it offensive, but I think that beginners (The people this guide is made for ) Might consider it offensive being called dumb and all.’

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Really useful!

Thank you!!!


Nice guide, @Crimson_Knight!

Coral back???


This is a pretty good guide!