Button and team help, URGENT

How do I make it so a button can only be pressed by the team that does not own the area the button is in. Example: If team 1 owns the area, team two can press the button, but team 1 can’t. I tried using relays, but it only works one time, when the other team capures the area, it doesn’t work anymore.

Um what about this?
Button pressed → Trigger wire repeater
The repeater runs a block if it is team (blank)
Wire repeater triggered → Do stuff


I don’t think wire repeaters can have blocks


Oh I thought they did- let me check
Oh it will block all teams instead of 1.


No, they can’t instead use a trigger


Please help, urgent.

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Hey thats easy let me get some screenshots @gimmaster12345.


Add two triggers, but one should be set like this,

And the other like this

Now have where when area is owned by team 1 it deactivates the trigger set to only allow team 1 to use , and activate the one set to team 2. Then have when team 2 owns it, it activates team 1 trigger and deactivates team 2 trigger.
Then set a wire to button pressed trigger for both triggers.
Now have the triggers trigger whatever the button is supposed to do and you are all done!

And there you have it @gimmaster12345 it should work!
Ping me if you have any problems please!
If it works please mark a solution to avoid clutter.

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