Bunker survival/radiant residents thumbnails

okay i need a thumbnail for me wolftech, and blizzys collab…follow the guidelines below…you have 2 weeks to create a thumbnail and you must have a reply with the finished version saying this and only this “My final thumbnail entry”
after i become a regular in a little more than 2 weeks i will make a wiki for a thumbnail poll to decide which thumbnail will be used for the collab.

Must have

1.A escape hatch
2.A flaming city
3.A flurry gim with the name wolftech under it, a dodge gim with the name legobuilder under it, a dragon gim (blue) with the name blizzy under it, and your faviorate gim with your name under it…running to the escape hatch… (the dragon gim doesn not have to be running as it is harder)
4.At least 1 nuke in the backround
5.Words bunker surrvival or radiant residents
6.Anything less than this will be disqualified making only this will be diaqualified…you must make this AND add more and make it detailed for it to be accepted as a entry for the poll in 2-ish weeks…in this post you can ask people to help with your build…

Thanks for the help and i hope we get some good thumbnails for the Wolftech,Blizzy, and Legobuilder collab for when it is published…

saying this is myn also DOES NOT make it a entry you must say what i said to put in it above)

On March 12th USA Virginia calendar it will be closed and the poll will begin a few days to a week later.

You can collab on a thumbnail but only in pairs! credit will be given to both people in the thumbnail who wins…

and you can have 2 thumbnails at most with your name credited in it.

Lastly you can give me any ideas for my map…daily events that may happen (a new day is every 60 seconds)

Time left-12 days)


Screenshot 2024-02-24 10.55.04 AM
I guess I have to put my thumbnail here… again…


i may make one later, busy now.

(wait for me pls, i might be good at it.)


well you do have 2 weeks…also did you read any of the above??if this is final version you must only have image and say my final thumbnail entry or it will be disqualified…id hate to have that masterpiece disqualified…
not to be weird strict dad from roblox, but i just want this to be intense, fun but not goofy and weird and hard to tell what is a submission and what is a rough draft.
(if its not done thats fine)

bro though when i first joined forums wolftech and blizzy were like legendary figures to me so smart and helping and kind much better than me in gimkit skills and brainpower…i never imagined in a few months i would be collabing with them!


Hey wait a minute, how come this contest keeps on going 4ever? I won the first voting, and the second, and this is STILL going?

why do we have to wait 2 weeks bro not complaining just asking

wdym its tied look!

what are you all talking about??

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it dosent matter anyways it was a fake poll anyways

actually you won the first then more people wanted to j0in.
there has not been a second.

this is myn


Im giving ample time…also it just happens to be when im regular…i might make poll a wiki in case i need to edit it.

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dang it i cant acsess the wiki my school chromebook has everything blocked besides canva gimkit and my other school stuff

you can’t access wiki??

nope i cant even look stuff up ethier my school called it chromebook jail

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wow that’s weird I don’t know what to say

i just wanna see how i do i spent 5 1/2 hours brain storming the thumbnail and building it so i at least wanna see how i do

what do yal think? any comments? helpful tips?


mabye add the title? ill make it

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