Bugs in the game that might help to know (I think) [wip]

things to keep in mind when making a map. So like little things that players can do that aren’t in the game. (also as I figure out these I will add them)

The Infinite blast

so a little thing that I found that is kinda helpful when your on one of those maps where they make the sentry have 100,000 health, (this only works for “Blasters” that you can hold down and fire, so like Blasters, and Zappers) while your blasting you can right click and it should start to look like this,

(note that you right click while your blasting)
once you do this you will infinitely blast to your hearts content (if you have infinity shards on)
also if you hit “save image” and the hit cancel you are able to walk around while not holding down left click and blasting. (note that if you try and respawn them (can’t put the other word) them you will have to start it all over again.)
Ways to prevent this

  1. the obvious one, don’t make it so that where are infinite shards. (Thedownside: people like maps with infinite shard soo…)
  2. make a movement detector so that if they are in the same place for a while then you can respawn them them
Platformer Freezing

this one is actually well known (I think). you see if you switch the tab while your jumping then don’t get back on the tab, so it looks like your suspended in the air (and you are)

how to prevent this, you can still get shot, you’re not invincible so you can still respawn. (note this does not work for any other maps either then the platformed maps

Hit boxes

So in Gimkit Creative the players have a little zone where they can get shot and respawn… and I have figured it out. it is the size of a laser. I know, I know “What do you mean the size of a laser?” well this size →
yes that is the size of your hit box, so basically if you want to troll some one just put them in this
you also may be asking “well how small is the laser suppose to be?” well wise guy (please don’t flag me) it is the smallest that you can make it. (also if you want the laser to be perfectly 1 direction like up/down or side to side, while your turning it hit the shift button)
Now you may still be wondering (probably not though) “well what about some skins that are bigger than the others?” well I’m glad you asked, all of the skins hit boxes revert to the original skin (so like that one with 1 color) so even if it is the skin like the bush it will still have the same hit box as the Camo one.

please tell me if you found some and I will add it, have a nice day :slight_smile:


I understand what you are doing but may i ask; how is this related to Gimkit Creative?

because if people can do these things then they know how to prevent it (its a WIP)

These are just tidbits, not actual stuff we can use in maps

should I take it down?

It does seem like there was a lot of good effort put into it if I am being honest.

well becuase im not done, i probledy going to add some more things

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you don’t need to post a wip there is no deadline
next time keep it in drafts until there is more of a guide

So far, I like it! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

The platformer one is kind of help full, say you’re playing DLD in class with a bunch of noobs and you fall. You can switch tabs and win because the noobs can’t get to your hight.

yeah, see I was helpful. (I know it works on the GKC game, but i’ll test in in the actual DLD

I’m 99.9999% sure it does.

cool, cool, cool