Bugged movement

I noticed that while I was testing out a map, my gim was randomly getting moved in different directions. I assumed this was a DLD thing only since it’s been occurring there but it seems to be happening in normal 2d mode as well.

Lag problby just reload I guess

I have but it’s occurred several more times.

Ignore it then I guess

It’s killed me while I was testing out a thing with lasers and sentry’s to create a speedrun course.

Oof. Reminds me of DLD lag, where it lags you off of a thing urggh its probably left over from the DLD. Also do you know if they’ve added the new props yet?

No, they haven’t. It probably is DLD related, though.

I know this. This is related to your internet connection, mostly caused by ping. High amounts of ping can cause your game to work as unintended.
Test network ping


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