Bug With The Blast Balls

So I just saw the new update which they added a ball and a scoring zone from blast ball. I was just testing some things out:

and when I hit the big ball many times the small ball just goes away

can you show us a gif?

what is a gif

a gif is a short video that repeats over and over




and how do I get a vid

you do a screen capture [Take a screenshot or record your screen - Chromebook Help] and then run it through a video to gif converter

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Oh this I’ve already tried to post a video but it won’t let me it says it’s not the right type of file

yes because you’re posting a video
you need to post a .gif not a .mp4

look up video to gif converter

isn’t it .mp3?

no that’s a sound file


It’s okay. I can’t recognize it usually. But this visual bug is strange, Did you hit the small ball in any way?