Broken player camera

if you rapidly move your mouse all over the screen while changing weapons then switch to your off-hand and minimize the tab it will give you this result. it also might flip your weapon upside down for other players. I don’t have any problem with this I just think its kind of funny.

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Then why did you even post it…?(NO OFFENSE)

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because bugs need to be fixed and if you do this accidentally you have to unalive to get rid of it.

oh. okay. sry im sorta new but not at the same time


This whole reply is off-topic.


oopsie doopsie brought up blooket on gimkit forums might be cooked :pray: :pray:


But, seriously, time to mark a solution

Yes I agree with @BMW23 , also Gimkit is 100% better but no flame wars, this is also off topic posts.

@Stealthknight , they’re equal
@chub , mark a solution

there is no solution though.


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The bugs category are only meant for bugs in GKC, just saying.

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That’s not true. The bugs category is made for bugs in Gimkit, Gimkit Creative, and Gimkit games. Not just GKC!


Technically, the same mechanics apply for both because normal gimkit games are run on gimkit creative, so you are correct, because the same concept can be applied.

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It’s only for GKC. Read this recently shared screenshot of an email from Jeff:


who would do that in the same order?

whats wrong with the order?

why would someone do the same things exactly?

some people have bad rage issues


Ok just stop, at this point it’s getting out of control.