Broadcasting to the host only

how do i make a popup but only for the host and a other one only for the other players

Do you want it to be on game start?

Is it okay if the host is on a different team or spawns somewhere else? How do we identify him to be different from everyone else? What event triggers this?

Yes but only if the value of a property is less than 3 (player requirement)

its amung us style and i need the leaderboard so no

Lifecycle → trigger (delay 3) → popup should work.

Also lifecycle → relay (all other players) → popup.

Use the same lifecycle both times.

Place a player-scoped property called “IsHost”, which is “0” on default (make it a numerical) property.

Place down a counter (player-scoped) with a default value of 0 and it should affect “IsHost”. Place down a lifecycle.

Lifecycle → Counter (Increment Counter). Lifecycles only affect the host, so this just made the property “IsHost” “1” for the host and “0” for the other players.

Now, place down a checker, check if the first property is less than 3, and then wire it to another checker. That other checker should check if “IsHost” is equal to 1, and then run your action.

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But how’re we gonna pick out the game host?

So… lifecycles track the hosts? I didn’t know that…

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Does lifecycle → relay (all other players) actually target everyone but the host?

Lifecycles transmit to the host first.

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Very good to know… Very helpful indeed. Previously, the only device that I knew of that tracked hosts was the spawn pad.

the voting for my amung us map:

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always lags so bad when i work on it

Why did you mark… your own post that had nothing to do with anything as a solution? It would be great if you didn’t do this in the future.

oops that was accidental


You can make a lifecycle that updates a property on game start, and use a checker to determine if the player is the host, using the property.