Boss fight abilities

I have a game where one player becomes a boss and the rest are supposed to fight against it. What I need are abilities that the boss can do to fight the players. I already have a cool down and button system, what I need is what the ability actually does.
Here are a couple of things that I am not doing:

  • A coordinate system
  • filling the entire map with lasers
  • A healing ability
  • Changing the bosses weapon
  • attack boost
  • speed boost
  • meteor shower - some_kid
  • dash attack - BubbaW
  • large detonating device - BubbaW
  • global slowdown - Kosm0-o
  • visibility blocking barrier - th3_ca1tsune
  • mobility blocking barrier - th3_ca1tsune
  • sentry spawning - FAST_Developer

I was going to say something like a dash that ko’s any player hit by it but that would require speed modifiers, and you said you were not going to add a speed boost.

That’s actually a good idea. When I said speed boost, what I meant was no abilities that just granted a speed boost and that’s all it did.

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well if you want to do it you can have a game overlay that will trigger a speed modifier that sets the bosses speed to a higher speed for a short amount of time, then you would have another speed modifier that is set to the normal speed of the boss when the timer is up.

I can elaborate more on this if you need.

Boss gets an upgraded weapon for 15 seconds?

I don’t want to do this because:

  1. The boss already has a legendary
  2. The weapon it has is thematically and lore appropriate (wooden wand)
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Just a little side note I made a map -kinda like this map that your going to make- a long time and I decided it would be funny to add a comically large “exploding thing”-If you know what i mean- as a boss ability. So if that could be another idea I would explain how that works for you.

If you use this it will take a lot of time to do, due to how much is needed to add.

I am going to leave for a while and allow replies to accumulate.

If you don’t want to change the boss’s weapon why not have an ability that changes the player’s weapon.
Randomizing the player’s weapons and degrading them 1 rarity lower.

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Question: Is filling the entire map with lasers like, a laser that’s always on, or just going off and on?

Maybe make it so when you defeat the boss, it can go to phase 2 maybe?

Could you elaborate on how I could do that?


How about using item granters linked up to a counter which will change the bosses weapon after target number is reached.
Just an Idea, you don’t have to use it

Maybe a hidden (or visible) barrier blocking some mobility? Or fighting in the dark with a barrier that activates over the arena that is black, but keep the default opacity.

@some_kid , how about making like a generator that summons Enemies in a certain radius, takes 5-25 memory

Got it!

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Thanks everyone! I’m adding the dash attack, and it has already been implemented.

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