Board Game Ideas

I want to make a board game. I want to because not many people have. Also this board game is going to be super unfair and rigged XD.
But I need ideas. For spaces, mechanics, anything.
Comment your ideas

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A spot that takes away all your points!!!

Here are some guides on board games for inspiration!
[actually, these will almost surely discourage you]

How to make Helpian Monopoly [In Progress] (:red_square:)

How to make _____Land :black_large_square:

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_____Land isn’t that bad, it just was one of the last guides to be made before concat became big.

As a note, concat is king when making board games. If you can add patterns onto the spaces on your board game, you can use concat to help save time. Also, you can use concat to reference properties in a sort of spreadsheet, so you can add even more stuff to your spaces!

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You should make a spot that has a 50% chance to do something bad!

make a spot that makes you become homeless or something, like lose all your money, but what’s the topic of the boardgame on, something like monopoly, the game of life, or etc?