Blox fruits quest

2nd time doing this but its just like the one in blox fruits a popup will show up once you go up to a sentry and once you hold enter and a popup saying where the quest you can do the quest or not.
Next, A game overlay will popup saying 0/_ ___ defeated or somethin like that and once you kill a sentry enough times you will get a reward

PS im in school and im bouta go to lunch so imma prob not reply that fast

  1. search up “talking sentry”
  2. idk, but maybe a thing that updates a property linked to a game overlay?
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Hi, yea so, I made a guide on this topic, and coincidently, I am making a blox fruits map! Okay so If you want, I can give you some ideas for my map, and here’s the link to the guide:

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ik you made it i didn;t really understand but i think i can try and do it again lol

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do you have access to the wix? On there you can share the code with me and I can help you out

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oh yea i do what is ur user on it?

My username is seven seas, you’ll know me, I’m well known there

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森的 opps sent i ment lol

i can get ur discord so i can message you

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